Creating Pilates Awareness in Southern Mississippi

Ellen started doing Pilate in her mid 30’s and is now in her mid 50’s. Pilates impacted her health and helped to overcome a knee injury. The changes on her body were so apparent in a short time, she became an avid practitioner and later a Pilates instructor. Her goal is to create Pilates awareness in the southern Mississippi area, where it is still very new.

Author: Ellen Miller, PMA®-CPT
Location: Ocean Springs, MI

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1 Comments to “Creating Pilates Awareness in Southern Mississippi”

  1. Blaha zdenek says:

    I work with older people and I have to say I adore those who are in their 90’s. There is just something special about people who have seen so much of life and endured. They all seem to share a common trait which is an intense interest in other people and the world around them. They also seem to eat of a lot fruit! Maybe these things are the secret to being a beautiful, lively 90 something like these lovely women.

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