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Rehabilitative Benefits of Pilates

Susan Holewinski, PMA-CPT, sits down to discuss the rehabilitative benefits that she has experienced by practicing the Pilates method. A former long distance runner with sports related injuries,  she goes in depth about the healing benefits she has experienced and how it changed her professional life in the process. Author: Susan...
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Mari Tanamachi, PMA®-CPT Interview

Author: Mari Tanamachi Location: California Mari first discovered the Pilates method through belly dancing when she wanted to improve her core strength. After beginning Pilates she started to see the results of a stronger, leaner body with acute muscle awareness. Even her friends commented on how she looks taller. “I...
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Pilates…it’s not just for girls!

Peter Sheehy, once a skeptic who thought Pilates was just a bunch of ab exercises, totally switched from a traditional fitness regime to Pilates. The pressure from his spine, which was injured during his service in the Australian army, was completely removed after his first Pilates session. He stopped personal...
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